Katie Reynolds Sexy Coed

katie reynolds

Katie Reynolds interests me a lot because this girl isn’t model perfect, but certain is very yummy. What got my attention is that this 19 year old isn’t shy to admit she puts out, but also that she loves to tease: “I love to tease boys…there I said it. Now, some may call it wrong to make a boy lust after you, but it turns me on like crazy! Sometimes I’ll go out and get a guy all nice and hard, then cum up with some excuse for leaving real quick. It drives them mad, but it makes me horny hehe!! When I do finally let him fuck my sweet little pussy, the sex is always so intense cause the anticipation is so built up ya know?”. Katie Reynolds has a hot little body, that is for sure, model tall and lean with small boobs and a great ass. Her long legs sure are distracting!

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