Alexis Adams Not Just a Dumb Blond Fratgirl

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You have to love a girl with her priorities right. First year college girl Alexis Adams is a hot girl next door type who wants to do well:

I just started college and I really want to do well. I almost failed senior year because I was too busy screwing around with boys and partying. I was a typical popular cheerleader and I got a lot of attention from the guys. Now that I’m in college I want to do well and prove to everyone that I’m not just some dumb blonde. I can be smart, too!

I bet you can sweetie! But with a sexy body like yours and being willing to get naked and fuck at the drop of a hat, you don’t have to worry about not being popular either, because every guy in school is going to be hitting you up for a chance to check out your shaved pussy!

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